Monday, February 18, 2013

Winter Break

I had a great idea for a post last night, but I failed to recall it this morning when I sat at my computer.  I am sure most of you can relate.  So, rather than my elusive great idea, I shall talk about winter break.

 My son has this next week off from school so I have been spending the entire weekend trying to decide what to do with all our time together.  On Saturday he got to enjoy 4 hours without momma while he sped down a snowy hill on a tiny, flimsy piece of plastic (sledding party).  

Well, after that fun adventure, I was all out of ideas.  We do have to head north for some shopping (My cousin is having a baby and I promised to knit her a blanket. I will post pictures!) and Thursday is pedicure day for the horses.  I don't want to sit home and watch TV all day, and there really isn't much to do in our small town.  It is especially tough to come up with ideas this week because it isn't warm enough to do most outdoor activities, and we don't have enough snow for good winter activities.  What do y'all do on days off?

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