Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentines Day

Valentines day is right around the corner!  If you have not already made plans, I suggest you get started ASAP.  

For those of us that do not get to spend the day with our spouse/significant other, there are plenty of options.  I took the simple route, sending my husband a cute little package in the mail.  It was nothing spectacular.  I sent a book, a photo of his favorite pet (we have 11, he only likes 1) and a card.  I also threw in some important paperwork like a copy of a W2 for taxes,and his new car insurance statement.  I know, I am so romantic! 

Below are 5 great ways to celebrate Valentines day when you can't be together!

#1 - Skype Date
     Skype dates are always a good way to spend time together when you can't actually be together.  Wear something cute/sassy/sexy, whatever you are comfortable with, and enjoy some face time with your love.

#2 - Send a hand written love letter
    Love letters are way more romantic when they are hand written.  It adds to how much you care and you can put in cute personal touches that aren't available on even the best computer programs.

#3 - Send a love package
    Want to be more creative, send an entire package rather than just a letter.  You can put in pictures, candies, cookies, trinkets, and a letter.

#4 - Coupons
    No, not for groceries.  Coupons redeemable when you get to be together again.  Some good examples: Kisses, Massage, Home made dinner.  You can send these via e-mail or add them to the love letter or package you are sending!

#5 - Phone movie date
    This one is a bit harder if your loved one is deployed.  You and your spouse/significant other watch the same romantic movie while on the phone with each other.  This can be done over skype as well.

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