Sunday, April 21, 2013

Easter Lilies

After church this morning, the priest made a point to let us know that there were still a bunch of Easter Lilly plants left over from the altar decorations.  Since Lilies are my favorite flower I had to take home as many as I could carry.  With my son's help, that equaled 3.  Anywho, after I got them home I had to figure out what exactly I was going to do with them.

Lilies are a bulb flower so they will naturally bloom every year, if you let them.  And they are quick to multiply.  Just think back to all those country drives you have taken in your life.  How often do you see just one or two Lilly plants?  Hardly ever.  But how often are there large bunches of Lilies growing along the side of the road?  In my area, they are EVERYWHERE!  If you choose to replant your Easter Lilies be sure to give them plenty of space to grow.  

When choosing the potted flower you obviously want to find one that is aesthetically pleasing.  Make sure it is even on all sides, not too tall or too short, and has large healthy flowers in multiple stages of bloom.  After the flowers wilt and fall off is the perfect time to replant outside.  The flowers like a nice sunny area, but the roots prefer to be cooler and shaded.  Pick a sunny spot and use a nice mulch, this will keep the flower and the roots happy.  

Tip the plant out of it's pot and gently break up the root ball.  Plant the bulb about 3 inches deep, in nutrient rich soil with good drainage (well drained soil is key for good Lilly growth) and build up a 3 inch mound around the plant base.  If you are planting more than one flower, be sure to space them 12-18 inches apart.  As soon as the stem/leaves begin to die, cut them back to the surface of the soil.  New growth will appear.  Be sure to keep the plant beds free of weeds, and water thoroughly.

Follow these easy steps, and you will be enjoying your Easter Lilies for years to come!  

I will be planting my Lilies this week in a new flower bed on the side of my house.  The next step will be deciding what other flowers I want to put in there.  I will be sure to add photos as my various gardens start to come together as the seasons progress. 

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