Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Home Made Mosquito Trap

As the weather warms up I have started noticing the wonderful world of insects that develops in my yard every year.  I strategically place fly traps and that certainly helps keep that population down, but I have yet to find a good fix to the bee issue or the mosquito issue.  The bees will have to wait until I get more spray and drown their little nests all around my house, but the mosquitoes may be in for an early demise.  I have not yet tried this, but it certainly seems like it will work wonders.  And I already have all the necessary *ingredients* in my kitchen!


Items needed:
1 cup of water 1/4 cup of brown sugar 1 gram of yeast 2-liter plastic bottle
HOW: 1. Cut the plastic bottle in half. 2. Mix brown sugar with hot water. Let cool. When cold, pour in the bottom half of the bottle. 3. Add the yeast. No need to mix. It creates carbon dioxide, which attracts mosquitoes. 4. Place the funnel part, upside down, into the other half of the bottle, taping them together if desired. 5. Wrap the bottle with something black, leaving the top uncovered, and place it outside in an area away from your normal gathering area. (Mosquitoes are also drawn to the color black.)
Change the solution every 2 weeks for continuous control.

Give it a try and share your story.  I will be making a few this summer and will be sure to let y'all know how they do.  


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