Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sticky Situations

I was on the phone with my husband last night, a daily ritual for us, and he had gotten himself into a sticky situation.  Apparently classification stickers are the stickiest stickers ever created.  

A bit of background now that I have y'all thoroughly confused.  My husband found a drawer full of old computer hard drives and decided to take them back to his apartment to see what kind of fun secrets they held.  Turns out they weren't to terribly old.  The oldest document he found was from the year 2000.  After wiping the hard drives clean, he wanted to take the classification stickers off. This is how he learned that classification stickers are the stickiest stickers ever created.  For those of you who may not know, classification stickers are what tell people whether a piece of equipment is used for unclassified, secret, or top secret work.  

After finally peeling the stickers off, he was left with the sticky residue all over these hard drives.  Being the tactical housewife that I am, I suggested a sure fire way to get rid of the stickiness...Peanut Butter!  After a few moments of my husband thinking I am a complete nut job, he tried it out.  A thin layer of peanut butter over the sticky residue, let it sit for a minute or so, and wipe clean.  Voila, no more sticky residue.  

This got me thinking about other unconventional fixes for common household problems.  Besides the peanut butter, I could only think of one other that I have been using since childhood.  Hairspray to keep stains from setting.  So, if y'all would be so kind as to comment with other remedies you have found to work, I will compile a list for a future post so we can all enjoy these quick fixes to some of our most common sticky situations. 

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  1. Before I finished reading your posting, I was thinking... "he should try peanut butter"! Glad to know you had the same idea.

    One other use for hairspray is removing sharpie pen from leather. When my daughter was two she decorated my brand new Suburban seats with one .. a lot! I tried everything but eventually hairspray took it right off.