Thursday, June 13, 2013

Walk a Mile...

For this post I am simply sharing with y'all a few quotes from fellow fans of a wonderful group of women I am a part of.  These are not my personal thoughts, however I agree with both of these women.  They seem to be giving different sides of a similar idea but both women make some fantastic points. 

"She should stop whining and put her big girl panties on".
"She needs to get used to it!"
"She should stop complaining! She knew what she was getting in to!"

All of these things are what I hear far too often. So often we forget that none of us lead the same life and none of us have the same heart. None of us have the same relationships. None of us know what it's like to walk in someone else's shoes. We all fight our own battles. We all deal with things differently. Most importantly, we ALL make mistakes. All of us here are going through, have been through, or are getting ready to go through a very long separation and that gives us all a bond more special than most. We know what it feels like to be so lonely we don't want to leave the house. We know what it feels like to ignore our friends calls because we just feel like a shell that is empty... With nothing to say. But we all know how to pick ourselves up and say no more. No more will deployment make you into this person you don't ever know. Get up, put your makeup on, even if its just to go to the grocery, or watch a football game at home. Don't let this beat you. Enjoy your life. And whenever you get the chance... Reach out your hand to someone who is struggling, that you may not understand, but you know they could use a friend. ♥ Steph

**Written by Steph, administrator at Operation Stand By Your Man**

"Many people will say "You chose this life, why complain about it". Being a person that loves someone in the military, we often are quick to judge that statement. I have heard people say, 'I never chose this life, I chose him, this just came along with the deal'. Well, I did chose this life. We all chose this life. Every single day we wake up. We stand beside the person we love, and loving someone is always a choice. It is not OUR choice to be HANDED the cards of distance, anger, loneliness, frustration, but we chose to DEAL with these hardships. We make a choice to stay with our love in the military even through nights of tears. When they miss important dates. When all you need is that one hug, but they aren't there. Some may say it's not worth it. Or they "couldn't deal with it". But we chose to keep going, we chose to keep loving and living. Why? In my opinion, because the choice makes you stronger. And when two people get stronger, so does their love. That final moment when you haven't seen your love in weeks, months, ect, and you see their face. You run and hug them and let out a HUGE sigh of relief. It feels like you have breathed new air. Love doesn't know barriers. Love doesn't know distance. I DO make a CHOICE everyday, and that is to love and stand by my love in the military."
**Written by an Anonymous fan of Operation Stand By Your Man**

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