Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Drama Llamas

We all know one...or two, or ten...but we never know how to deal with them.  The most important thing I can say is *DO NOT Feed The Llama's!*

More often that not, the drama was brought about by a misunderstanding, or nothing at all.  You can never realy tell with some people.  We, as rational human beings, need to look past the drama and attempt to rectify the situation in as civil a way as possible.  If said Llama is not someone we ever need worry about again, it is best to just brush it off and move on.  
For those drama llamas we want to keep around as normal, rational people, we have to work a bit harder.  I will repeat, DO NOT FEED THE DRAMA LLAMA!!  Stay calm and remember that she, or he, is most likely over reacting.  Listen to their issue, take it all in, think hard about your responses, and speak your mind.  As soon as possible, walk away.  After a night or two of drama free thought, both of you will be in a better place to discuss things.  Don't hold a grudge, it wont benefit anyone.  Once you are both able to have a rational conversation, everything should be better.  If it is something you can't move past, it might be time to count your chickens and move on.  No one needs extra drama in their life and sometimes the Drama Llama just wont go away.  

I can't think of any witty closing remark for this one so I will leave you with this fun little meme...


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