Sunday, June 9, 2013

Duck Shelter!

I posted recently about the awesomeness of the new ducklings I brought home.  About a week ago I finally finished putting up their pen and they have officially moved out of my kitchen.  So far they are surviving happily outside and no predators have gotten to any of them.  And amazingly, none of them have escaped!  

But anywho, I figured I would share with y'all some photos of my duck pen that I am uber proud of!!

This was a super easy pen to build.  All I used were some good quality pallets, garden stakes to stabilize, cage wire, an extra piece of metal roofing, and gate hinges and latches.  The whole thing went up in a day with the help of my almost 5yo son and it keeps my 6 ducks contained and happy with plenty of room for more!  

At some point I will build a more permanent *coop* for the ducks but even if they start laying this year I wont have far to search for eggs.  This is a great little starter pen and I can spend lots of time designing and building the perfect housing structure for a small flock.  I also hope to get a small pond dug out befor winter so they have more space to swim than the tiny kiddie pool we are using at the moment. 

I will be sure to keep y'all posted on the progress of my ducks.  And if anyone is interested in trying duck eggs just let me know, I will be more than happy to share!


  1. Neat little pen! I love the use of pallets.

  2. Awesome use of pallets! It looks great! Not sure what your winter weather is like [it can get to thirty blow here pretty easily] but ducks only need enough water to get their heads wet and keep the oil gland at the base of their tail in working order. We dug a pond and they rarely swim in it. I think they would much rather have fresh water everyday in their pool. Silly things!

    We have Khaki Campbell's and Call Ducks [miniature ducks]. The Call Ducks are so much fun to have. The Khaki's are great egg layers[with wonderfully tasting eggs] but both my husband and I have developed an allergy to them.

    Found you through the Homestead Blog Hop :)

    1. Thanks Megan, I thought the pallet fence idea was pretty fantastic too lol. They seem pretty happy with their kiddy pool but when all 6 of them want to float at the same time it gets pretty crowded in there. With my luck, they wont use the pond when I dig it, I just love the idea of having a small pond. They will always have the pool and their water trough tho.

      I am hoping my husband will love duck eggs as much as I do, and that my son is willing to give eggs a try. So far we are enjoying the start of our little homestead.